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At code(love), we believe the future will be decided by well-rounded technical entrepreneurs.

This publication focuses on helping you become a dynamic entrepreneur with deep technical knowledge if you aren’t already. It will inspire you to do great things with your skills if you are.

We have learning guides, and learning lists of resources for cutting-edge technologies that will make you a better programmer, and a better entrepreneur. We love code, and sharing our knowledge around it–and in time, we hope you do too.

We’re not just about programming though. We have resources that will help you live a balanced, healthy life while building your ventures, and amazing technology stories that will inspire you to do more when you are working.

We have news and insight from some of the most exciting technology projects and founders out there: we serve as a hub where technical entrepreneurs can embrace new projects, and connect with one another to discuss, and support the projects moving the world forward.

We want you to work smart, not hard, and we want you to have the technical knowledge and business sense that will empower you to make a real difference.

This publication is focused on the crazy technical freelancers, and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to best build their own ventures, and change the world. Because if you’re crazy and technical enough–you will.  

In that spirit, we’ve written an e-book that covers twenty-one startup buzzwords we really believe need to be defined for success not only for startup entrepreneurs looking to build their ventures, but anybody who wants to be connected to our new digital age.


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